The Fluency Builder

The Fluency Builder

250.00 350.00

one-on-one language workshop with a native speaker

  • amplify your daily L2 usage 

  • get corrective feedback in context

  • expand your vocabulary

  • speak like the smart and articulate adult you are

two week intensive - here’s what that looks like

  • 4 hours a week, one-on-one with a certified Language Lifestylist

  • together you’ll workshop L2 production in conversation and writing

  • you’ll work toward automatizing correct grammar usage

  • develop your ear for what “sounds right”

  • create a personal language lifestyle practice to continue on your own for 4 weeks following the 2 week intensive

a personal lifestyle practice

local, organic, language acquisition based on your life habits and interests

  • daily reading sources: L2 articles, books, social media…

  • daily writing outlet: journaling, posting on social media, texting…

  • regular listening sources: Neflix series/movies, YouTube videos, podcasts…

  • regular speaking outlets: native speaking friends, voice messaging, other language learners

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What it's like to work one-on-one with a Language Lifestylist?

We'll have a video here soon but in the meantime.....

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