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the 'local organic' movement of language learning

featuring a user interface

Language Lifestylist is pioneering the 'local organic movement' of world language acquisition in the US to help Americans become better bilinguals. And we're giving it a user interface.  This is your invitation to join the movement and have a role in change. Be one of the first to experience a technology designed for autonomous, community supported, second language acquisition in everyday moments. Join a team of budding bilinguals, activists and organizers, linguists, UI architects, and teachers.  


we're making immersion more accessible by pairing world languages with the things we love to do locally. 

community supported language immersion   

locally based, real world, immersive experiences

Iowa City | Chicago | Portland 

Language Lifestylist and the Language Lifestyle Ambassadors are partnering with local businesses across the country to create authentic immersive experiences for learners of second languages.  We invite you use your L2 while you grab a brew, see a movie, workout, shop, dine, or patron any of our partner establishments.      


polishing our beautiful melting pot

emigrants & our national heritage 

We celebrate the First Nations People and those who have come after.  When speakers of non-English languages join the Language Lifestyle Ambassadors program they receive linguistic training and are invited to attend local immersion events as honorary guests for their support of second language literacy in the community. 

Language Lifestyle Ambassadors

We are the boots on the ground volunteers supporting the cultural movement toward second language acquisition. We're in local communities around the country working with local mission driven organizations and businesses to deliver immersive, language lifestyle experiences to language learners.